"Sunday's SRT training was excellent, Graham has the patience of a saint, and is a wonderful teacher. From a dead start, having never been near a rope, never mind suspended from one, Graham managed to get me ascending and descending with a fair amount of confidence, in what is really a short period of time. Followed by putting it into practice in the afternoon. A very enjoyable, interesting day . You couldn't expect to learn more than we did on the day, without it not really sinking in properly. An excellent course, which I think you would struggle to improve! Many thanks to Graham..."


"had a fantastic day really enjoyed good experience, the wall was good and the caves are great to see and the srt training was great ,, Graham is really good at his job and makes you feel at ease in what you are doing and a great bunch of people to do it with 👍🏻"


"it was really good, a few interesting bits along the way & I think we all gained a lot from the course. Graham's very good at what he does and I think we were very lucky to be able to have such a great teacher, after a rather wet & drafty descent we managed to make it all the way to the bottom of the pot, fascinating!"

"The team was really buzzing about the day, so thank you very much."

"We have had our trip to the Mine with Mr Derbyshire which was excellent - he ensured a super experience for all five of us."

"Thanking you for a really enjoyable trip yesterday - you were helpful, patient, knowledgeable and fun throughout, and we all felt we were in safe hands and great company for the duration of our adventure!"

"Graham did a fantastic job leading us. He had the perfect blend of authority, knowledge, personality and enthusiasm."

"An excellent day-rigorous, enjoyable and educational"

"Thank you again for a really well-organised and well-delivered course.  I enjoyed the time and learned a lot, and particularly appreciate the access to materials. "

"I would however just like to say that it is great to meet such a passionate instructor who goes above and beyond all expectations. You are an inspirational role model and someone who I am certainly going to strive to be more like in my approach to all aspects of my business. "

"a BIG thanks to Graham for his super pro attitude as always towards teaching us some potentially life saving new skills,"